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Strategies and Combos
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more new rules.
Two Extremes of Yugioh Deckbuilding
fun OTK Cactus Fighter :
How to feed Your DAD
sexy Psy ?
Interdimensional Matter Transporter for certain support
New Way to play
Is Demise Sexy Again?
Spells for Counter Faires
U.S. Nats
Magical Hats for Ojamas
Death by Mermaids
my anti glad skills
How to defeat BW ?
Synchro gadget
Voltic City, really effectiv ?
Possible Dark OTK?
Matt has a new deck to run.
Another even better OTK (OCG only)
Anti-Meta Skill Drain Zombies With Honest
Counter Plants
Interesting Fiend Combo
Interesting Combo?
Splashed Glads?
Big City
Zombie Burn
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
I Officialy Hat Jerome McHale
Another 2 Card OTK/FTK
GB with IRS?
Stop splashing Synchros
Dark World Synchro
Nightmare Daemons OTK
Volcanic Ryko
Life Equalizer Psychics
Lol combo
Magical arm Shield. Side in LS?
Geartown with Malevolent Catastrophe
Dark Gaia Lightsworn
Kuraz + Dark Coffin
Stun Gadget
Soul Control
Magical Implosion
Asura Priest + Honest.
Printing Out Rulings
New One Card OTK! (Omg!)
Light-Imprisoning Mirror & Book of Moon
Unleash Your Power!
Phantom of Chaos + Light of Redemption in Lightsworn
Teched Dark Dust Spirit in Tele-DAD?
Skill Drain Stardust
2 card OTK
Splashed Plants?
Lumina Second Turn Kill
2 card Jinzo OTK
Well Known
Dark Calling + Dimension Explosion
Macro Guide (Matt told me to post it here...)
Draw Engines
Synchro Gadgets
Chain material + Dimension Explosion
Instant Fusion + Dimension Explosion
Mezuki + Burial from a different dimension
Anti-Meta Discussions
Stall + Judgment Dragon
Final Attack Orders + Lyla; Skull Lair in LS
Cosmos Gyzarus
Freaky Fish Dude + Skill Drain
Magical Exemplar + Hand of Neph
Demise + Infernal Gainer
D. Alchemist + DAD
Metal Reflect Slime + The Calculator
Poor man's Dragon Ice
Konami loves OTK's
Trade-In Zombies?
Raging Eria Beatdown/ OTK?
Necro Armed Dragon
The Alien Cards
Plant Alchemy
necroface + golden homunculus
Good Goblin Provisions
Cyber Valley ftk
'Tis the season for OTK's. Apparently
Prometheus, Merchant/Veil/Plague
New Chimeratech OTK
Aggro Gladiators
Appropriate Dark World?
Hey look, another OTK (OCG only)
Return RaiDa
Red Moon Baby
Future Fusion + Interdimensional
Injection + Decree
LLAB + Final Attack Orders + Guard Penalty
Would this work?
Infinite Life Points - ADV style.
Does this work?
Jam Breeding Wall
Do you think this deck could be made
Snatch + Bad Reaction - Good, Or Bad?
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