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Request Duels!
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HaouHouse's Circus
The Prize Fighter Inferno
Tournament (YVD)
yea so
RGBT Sneak Peak
I needs testing.
Any one want to duel over aim?
Request webcam duel!
YVD Duel?
Wyatt vs Brandon
Tom vs. Bye
Haou vs. Chet
xDMGx vs. Zach
Euphoria vs. Brandon
Rambull vs. Neos 37
Up for a Game?
Starter/Structure Deck Tourny
T3H J0K3R'5 Duel Thread
Brandon vs. Tom Circus Tourney
Wants to test deck.
Pojo tournament
Tom's Reg Test Thread
Reg testing for Crafter
Need Practice
Moar Brawl
Just so there is no misunderstandings
Next Mini-tournament
Greed v. Koala
fun duel?
Mini-tournament Friday Night
100th Topic Anniversary!!
Duel me or shall be know as...
Finals! David vs Greed
Tom vs. Rambull Round 1
Somebody Duel Me
Wednesday Night
wanna duel im a noob
Zach vs. Rambull
Testing for Nationals
Brandon vs. Tigy
want to duel?
Does anyone want to duel?
Dusting Off Deck
Me vs. Zach
Testing Deck
Deck test
I'm bored so somebody duel me
Irl duels?
Testing Ben Kei
Steve vs. Joseph
Testing a Deck
Tom vs. DMG
Please duel my GK deck
Anyone for a duel?
My vs Tigy
Siz and Slim
CyberKlown's Circus
Anybody Want to Duel?
Looking for a Duel
SJC DP March
Come here if you want to lose
The Little Tykes VS The Big Wave
Ciao duels
anyone want to duel me
Who thinks they can beat me in a duel?
Greed vs. Zach
Round 1: Swaggro vs. Dragon Force
Does anyone want to duel?
Round 1: Cryme Tyme vs. Ste-roids
Me coming back with only 600 LP left
Enter Riot
Me vs. Klown for 3rd
Someone Duel my Dark Magician Deck
I Want To Duel
Me V.S. Tank
I is extremely bored.
Wanna Duel?
Me Vs. Crafter Semi Final Bout
Duelist Paradise Forum Tourny teams
Greed or Klown
Tom vs. Me
Anybody up for a GKO duel against Neos or I?
Tank vs. Greed 3
Tom's dueling thread
Who whats do duel me
Crafter vs Vortex
Whenever dueling on here this is the deck I will use
My dark wold deck
Is gameking down?
Sizzles Game king Record
My Gameking Record Thread
Duel The late great ACE!
Zach vs. Brandon
Neos 37 vs. Sizzle Round 2
DMG vs me
~Deck-Crafter's Duel Thread~
I also need to duel a level 4
I really want to...
Duel with LV4 Mystic
Duelist Paradise Forum Tourny
I guess when i get Bored
Last Duel
Jordans Duel Thread
Joseph v. Tom, My tourny
DMG vs. Brandon, Koala tourney
Sizzle's duel thread
Brandon's deck testing thread
Trying again
I wanna test my new Spellcaster deck build
2'nd duel with Brandon for koala's torney.
Why must it be that day?
Mystic Duels
Joseph's Thread
Brandon's duel thread
Tjs duel thread
Wyatts Duel Thread.
Brandon will try this...
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