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Mini dresses have always been an alluring and trendy
Get Worthy Body to Enjoy You Bikini Time
Sparta - Rogue Revolution - Or perhaps I'll do some good
Hey, let's actually do something!- I'm a mod!!!!
Real Life Teams- I guess I'll keep editing thread titles
New Team
Team Freezing Fire
Motor City Machine Guns- Perhaps I should just dick around
Cryme Tyme HQ
The dark knights
Gadget GAng
Banana Heads
Shadow Serplecca on GKO
The Cursed Wave
The Order of Legends
ACE of spades-aces tribute
Silent Assassins
Mystic - Until I figure this out,
Team CPA tounrament to decide Head of Assassins
Order of the Dragons- Now that I have power
Shadow Serplecca- I'm not sure what to do with it
The Certified Public Assassins
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