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Lol. That guy is nut.
The Wonder Years
Know Mads
Pierce the Veil
Falling in Reverse
Friday - Rebecca Black
another good song
good song
Stereo Love - Edward Maya
Probably the best song ever.
Falling Up- Hotel Aquarium
Hollywood Undead
Always by Erazure
Hate my life-theory of deadman
Diary of Jane
Escape The Fate
Your Beautiful Ending (AMV)
Say Goodnight AMV
Attack Attack
The Downfall of us all.
I wonder if Blue <3's this song?
I'm on a Blimp
I'm showin this to my ex gf >_>
Protest the Hero
Far From Over
Best Song Per Letter.
Green Day
New Musicz
Best bands of their genres
inside the fire
Violet - Hole
The bestest solo evar
Favorite Guitarist/Singer/Bassist/Drummer?
New A7X Album Leaks!
Name that Lyric
Of Want and Misery
The River Flows Frozen
Lip Gloss and Black
CD Ratings
A7X+Buckcherry+Papa Roach
Striped Sweater
Guerrilla Warfare
Come On, Get Higher
A Long December
Tears Don't Fall
inside the fire
The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose
Jerry C
Note To Self
Sing the sorrow.
Hey Monday
I'm shipping up to boston.
Come Close
Linkin Park
Stay In Coma
3 doors down
The used- The bird and the worm
the Devil Weras prada.
Hardware Stores
Best Lyric-Section
Band Clothing
Conversation With My 13-Year-Old-Self - P!nk
Your Beautiful Ending
Pieces of You
Sixx: AM
Saving Abel
One Less Reason
It's Not My Time.
Escape the Fate
Leave Me Alone
Europa - Globus
Me Against the World (DMG's AMV)
There's No Giving Up Now!
Avenged Screamofold
Escape The Fate
Name a Band
We are Still Screaming
Iris (Greed's AMV)
Better Than Ezra
Empty Walls
November Rain
Jump - Simple Plan
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)
You Make Me Sick
Don't Jump (Spring Nicht)
A Song the World Can Sing Aloud
Forgotten Faces
I'm finding it hard to believe, we're in heaven...
What is your favorite song???
My favorite solos
Skyway Avenue
Where is the love?
Drowning Pool
That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
Music 101
Acceptance - Different
Amish Paradise
Backwards theme songs
One Winged Angel(Remix)
That Someone that You're with
Sittin Sideways(S & C Version)
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Emo Kid
Best Songs
Break The Walls Down
By The Way - Hinder
Foamy the Squirrel:Squirrel Songs
King Of Kings-Motorhead
Tenacious D - Tribute
Move To The Music
Never Gonna Stop Me
Alter Bridge - Metalingus
Rock On Girls!
For you DBZ Fans
Every Band has a Song
Your Yugioh Entrance Music
Words to Live By
for V-Day - The Reason
jordin sparks
Swing Life Away - Rise Against
top 15 suckish songs
Chatroom about 3DG
T50/100, or whenever I stop being bored
(Here Comes The Money)
Hinder - Lips Of An Angel
Dragonforce - Through The Fire And Flames
Chris Daughtry
Rise Against - Paper Wings
Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit
songs that match you
Welcome to my Life - Simple Plan
The Scientist - Coldplay
Heart - Barracuda
Rap song you actually like.
Unknown Soldier - The Casualties
finger eleven
Top 15 bands
hanging by a moment-lifehouse
MEANT TO LIVE - switchfoot
Somehow, Here is Gone
Chipmunks Songs
Submersed Deluxe
Most annoying songs list.
Trying to find the song everyone loves...
A Quiet Mind
Freakin Hilarious AMV
Music that matches your deck
I'm Still Here -- Vertical Horizon
Holiday -- BLG
Day Late Friend -- Anberlin
the best band
You Run - Submersed
Black Cat
papa roach/,,/(-_-)/,,/
Chipmunks: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
Hate me Cover
Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee
Klowns Video!
Her Eyes, that's where hope lies
saliva-Click Click
Saliva- ladies and gentelmen
let the bodies hit the floor/,,/(-_-)/,,/
Dimebag Darrel ... R.I.P.
Flo Rida-Low
Dragon Force
Great so-lows!
Lalalala Lie Lie Lie
Beethovens Cunt
this is my now
Soldier's Silent Night...
the egg song
Tear - RHCP
Sometimes - Alex Lloyd
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