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Yugioh TCG stuff.
Request Duels!
In this forum, you can request to duel someone, if you wish.
Deck Garage
For works in progress
Card Discussion
Discuss cards and combos with them here
Strategies and Combos
In other words, ideas your to lazy to make an actual decklist for.
Since some people wanted me to...
Featured Decks and Articles
A Place for dominant decks
Yugioh Tournaments
For coverage and reports of SJCs, Regionals, and other Children's card game tournaments.
Just for fun
Chatting and whatnot here.
Talk about different movies.
Hell no you aren't. inb4butitdoesn'tsayTHERESAPENISINMYPUSSY@@@@
Video Games
They fucked television.
Which to begin with??
Introductions, Goodbyes, and Notices
Like the title says.
Fanfics and Stories
Post your writing here!
Yes Vortex, you can post the lyrics to Blue October...
The Pit!
Post stuff that doesnt fall into other categories.
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